Black Friday Xbox Series X deal: Save $50 and get a $75 Target gift card too

xbox series x black friday deal
(Image credit: Microsoft)

It's been three years since the Xbox Series X launched, and its gaming performance is still just as impressive. During Black Friday, this powerful console is discounted to its lowest price ever.

The Xbox Series X is $449 during Black Friday, saving you $50 — but that's not all. When you buy the Xbox Series X through Target, you'll receive a $75 Target gift card on top of the $50 savings. That's a total of $125 in savings if you spend the $75 Target gift card on groceries or other useful items you were planning on buying anyway.

Target is running the same great Black Friday deal on the Xbox Series X Diablo IV bundle. You'll pay $449 (saving $50) and get a $75 Target gift card along with a free downloadable copy of Diablo IV.

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Today's best Xbox Series X deal

Xbox Series X
Deal: $499 $449 + $75 Target gift card


Xbox Series X
$499 $449 + $75 Target gift card

Save $50 on the Xbox Series X console at Target, and get a $75 Target gift card in return.

Features: 3.8-GHz AMD Zen 2-based CPU, 12-teraflop AMD RDNA 2 GPU, 16BG of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage, supports 8K resolution and 4K at 120 fps, DirectX ray tracing, Dolby Vision HDR with compatible display

Release date: Nov. 2020

Price check: $449 Amazon | $449 Walmart | $449 Best Buy | GameStop $449

Price history: $449 is the lowest historical price for the Xbox Series X console, so this $75 Target gift card bonus tacked on top is the best deal we've ever seen.

Reviews: The Xbox Series X received positive reviews, with many reviewers praising the console's speedy loading times, powerful performance, and impressive backwards compatibility. In early reviews, people mention the lack of launch exclusive games, but commend the value of Xbox Game Pass.

Laptop Mag: ★★★½ | Tech Radar: ★★★★ | Tom's Guide: ★★★★½  | T3: ★★★★

Buy if: You've been longing after the Xbox Series X console for a while. This is the best deal you'll see in a while for this powerful gaming machine, and there are a ton of wonderful games to play via Xbox Game Pass.

Don't buy if: You already have a gaming PC and don't feel like the couch-gaming, console experience is for you. Instead, just subscribe to Xbox Game Pass PC for a massive collection of new games to play on your gaming PC.