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How to Block Someone on

Too much junk cluttering up your inbox? You can easily streamline your mailbox with Microsoft's Sweep tool, which lets you block unwanted senders or overbearing frenemies and remove all existing mail from them in one fell swoop. Here's how.

1. Open your inbox.

 2. Check boxes next to messages from people you want to block.

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More options should appear at the menu bar on top of the screen.

3. Click Sweep at the top of the page.

4. Select "Delete all from Inbox and block future email" from the dropdown menu.

You can choose to archive the selected messages instead of deleting them by clicking the down arrow next to the word Delete and hitting Archive.

5.  Hit Sweep to confirm.

Now you won't receive any messages from that person anymore. Regret your decision? Just click the gear icon on the top right, select Options and go to Safe And Blocked Senders to unblock the person you just restricted.

How to Block Someone