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Verizon Issues Jelly Bean Update For Galaxy Nexus

Nexus handsets hang their hats on being as close to a pure, frequently updated Android experience as you can get. That selling point became a point of contention for disgruntled Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners who've watched the months roll by since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean's June release. The unlocked version of the phone received Jelly Bean almost instantly, while the Sprint Galaxy Nexus got a taste of Jelly Bean a few weeks back -- to the widespread grumbling of Verizon customers.

Grumble no more, Galaxy Nexus owners; it's officially raining Jelly Beans, and Verizon just posted a PDF describing the benefits the 146MB download will bring to the device.

Droid Life notes that Galaxy Nexus owners will only be able to download Jelly Bean over Wi-Fi until October 1st, presumably due to concerns about overloading the LTE network by rolling out the Nexus update on the launch day of the iPhone. If you're not seeing the update, make sure you're on Wi-Fi. If you're still not seeing the update, you could try to force the update or you could just be patient: Jelly Bean will be in your eager hands soon enough.

Via The Verge and Droid Life