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Updated Galaxy S4 to Get Faster Snapdragon 800 CPU (Report)

Samsung's Galaxy S4 is reportedly getting one of Qualcomm's super powerful Snapdragon 800 processors. The new handset appears to be the same LTE-Advanced version of the popular smartphone announced few days ago. According to Engadget, the Snapdragon 800-powered S4 will be launching in South Korea.

The news broke when folks at RBmen got their hands on a user manual for the latest S4 that specifically mentioned the Snapdragon 800 chip.

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Beyond the ability to support LTE-Advanced, Qualcomm's chip also packs an impressive performance punch. During our Snapdragon 800 hands-on at Mobile World Congress 2013, we were impressed to see how quickly and sharply the CPU rendered 3D graphics. The Snapdragon can also stream 4K video.

The LTE-Advanced capability offered by Snapdragon 800 is a form of carrier aggregation, a technology that combines a carrier's radio channels across non-adjacent bands. By doing so, Qualcomm claims its chip can achieve Web speeds as high as 145 Mbps, which would allow for over-the-air streaming of 4K video.

via: Engadget, RBmen