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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) Up for Pre-order on Amazon for $800

Do you live in the US and can’t stand the thought of losing your grip on the Galaxy S III? If so, Amazon’s got you covered. According to Unwired View, the site has started taking pre-orders for Samsung’s 2012 flagship smartphone, letting you get your hands on a unit in the US before anyone else does. The only catch is that it’s off-contract, meaning you’ll have to pony up $799.99 to secure ownership of the phone.

That might sound pricey, but it’s worth noting that this HSPA+ model -- same as the one being sold in Europe -- will be unlocked, so you can switch carriers at a moment’s whim, and no carrier customizations will tarnish the phone. You’ll be getting the exact specs you’ve heard about thus far, including the impressive 1.4-GHz Exynos quad-core chip, 16GB of internal storage space, and your choice of Marble White or Pebble Blue coloring. Because it's a GSM phone, it will only work on T-Mobile or AT&T's HSPA+ networks here in the U.S. Forget about speedy LTE.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) breaks out of Amazon’s gate June 1st, but if you’re willing to wait awhile longer, you can get the subsidized, carrier-locked LTE version later within the same month. However, given that Samsung’s already received 9 million pre-orders from 100 carriers globally, the offer might be worth looking into for those who desperately want to join the early release pack. Samsung previously announced that the Galaxy SIII European release would be May 29th, 2012.

via Unwired View and Reuters