Top 10 Things Tim Cook Revealed About Apple

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It's no secret that Apple likes to keep things secret. The company's aversion to disclosure is legendary -- as are the swift punishments handed out to any Apple employee foolish enough to open his mouth and break omerta.

Tim Cook's reign at the top has proven just as tip-lipped as Steve Jobs', but Apple's new CEO recently sat down with both NBC's Rock Center and Bloomberg Businessweek to discuss his first year on the job in a pair of surprisingly lengthy interviews. Apple's decision to partially transfer Mac production to the U.S. may have been the big news, but Cook also shed light on rarely talked-about aspects of both his company and his personal life. Here are the juiciest tidbits.

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  • Phil T Says:

    I think he's getting ahead of himself on the TV statement, if Apple were to ever release a TV it'd probably retail for $2000+ so whether or not it's innovative, it's still not affordable to everybody and therefore, not that innovative?

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