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Apple Crowned Largest Mobile Phone Maker in U.S.

Does it seem like everyone you know has an iPhone? It's not your imagination. In the fourth quarter of 2012, for the first time ever, Apple surpassed longtime nemesis Samsung to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the U.S., a distinction Samsung has held for every quarter since 2008 according to a new report by Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple shipped 17.7 million iPhones last quarter to giving the company a 34 percent share in the U.S. mobile phone market. Despite the ubiquity of the iPhone, this is the first time Apple has claimed the largest chunk of the mobile market. It's dominance this quarter likely stems from the holiday shopping season and new smartphone adopters.

Apple may have been tops, but Samsung is right on its heels. The company came in second with 16.8 million phones shipped and a 32.3 percent share of the market. Samsung also shipped more phones last year, 53 million, compared to Apple's shipment of 43.7 million.

LG claimed third place last quarter with a mere 9 percent share in the market and 4.7 million shipped phones. 

via Slashgear