Surface Pro 4 Gets $100 Cheaper Without Pen

Microsoft is selling a model of the Surface Pro 4 without its Surface Pen through its online store.

The model in question uses a 128GB SSD and Intel Core m3 CPU and costs $799. If you buy one with the same specs and then pen, Microsoft charges $899. Since the pen costs $60 on its own, you're better off buying the pen separately and saving $40 (that is, assuming you want the Core m3 model. No other version has those specs).

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An older model, the Surface 3 had been sold without the pen, so its not entirely unprecedented. The Surface Pen, however, is often considered an integral part of the product.

Best Buy, too, is selling a version without the pen that includes a Type Cover keyboard. It's currently on sale for $700 (an amazing deal considering the Type Cover sells for $130 on its own) but usually runs for $1,000. 

But if you want any version of the Surface with more power than a Core m3, you'll still be buying with the pen. Though perhaps if this penless offer is popular, Microsoft will extend it to its Core i offerings. 

[via Neowin]

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