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Sony Stops Xperia Tablet S Sales: Not Quite as Splash-Proof as Claimed

Sony stuffed a bevy of value-adding features into its new Xperia Tablet S, but now one of those features is actively taking money out of Sony's pockets; sales of the tablet have been halted completely after a manufacturing defect rendered the supposedly splash-proof tablet not quite as splash-proof as advertised.

Sony representatives told The Next Web that an issue at the Xperia's production factory created gaps between the tablet's screen and casing. Those gaps could let water inside the tablet.

The Sony website still prominently proclaims the Xperia Tablet S's water-resistant nature, saying that "A few drops of water can't throw off your cooking game when you're armed with the perfect culinary companion."

If you're one of the 100,000 or so people who have bought an Xperia Tablet S since it launched just under a month ago, Sony says it will conduct free inspections and repairs to ensure your mobile helper is indeed safe to use near the kitchen sink. The company has yet to announce any firm check-up plans, however. In the meantime, you might want to keep that $400 far away from any splashing liquids.