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How to Make Useful Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail

We all get a lot of email, so wouldn't it be great if someone else would sort it for you? Apple Mail fulfills this need with the option to create Smart Mailboxes that will filter by sender or a handful of other aspects such as if there's an attachment or if there's a specific word in the subject line.

Smart mailboxes also pull messages together from across different accounts, which could save you some time if you find yourself searching for the same things. Here's how to create smart mailboxes in Apple Mail:

1. Click Mailbox.

2. Select New Smart Mailbox.

3. Click Any recipient to see all of the filtering options available

4. Select from this long list of items including sender, subject, VIP contact status, messages you haven't replied to and those containing attachments.

5. Select From, then contains, add email addresses and click the + sign to create a smart mailbox of messages from specific groups of people.

6. Select Contains attachments to collect messages with attached files.

7. Select "Message was not replied to," click + and then select "Priority is high" to organize emails that the sender found important that you haven't responded to yet.

The list of possible smart mailboxes is limitless, so play around and figure out which are right for you. This Google Docs Alerts smart mailbox shows me notifications related to updates to articles in progress that I've shared with coworkers.