New Jacket Can Hold Two Full-Size Laptops in Its Pockets

Who needs to carry a bulky bag around when you can stick a full-size laptop (or two) right into a jacket pocket? Available starting today, the ScotteVest Off the Grid (OTG) jacket has 29 different pockets, including two padded areas in front that can hold laptops as large as 14 inches.  Made in both men and women's versions, the $215 coat also has an inside pocket for a large tablet, an RFID-blocking pocket and two clear pockets that allow you to interact with your phone's touch screen through them. 

ScotteVest claims that it has been able to fit a 15-inch MacBook into the pockets and, during a live streaming demo, we saw a representative easily place a 13-inch Acer Chromebook in the jacket. While we couldn't tell how bulky the jacket feels from watching someone model it on Skype, the laptop didn't even appear to create a significant bulge in the jacket. The rep was also able to sit down comfortably, without the laptop riding up too far. 

However, the pocket capacity depends on the size of the jacket as the Women's XS and S sizes can only fit a 10-inch tablet. The L, XL and XXL sizes should provide the most pocket space. 

The OTG is the first jacket we've seen that can comfortably hold a large laptop, though it's not the first that can squeeze one in. In January, the company introduced the Enforcer, a $360 jacket that could hold smaller laptops, but was primarily designed and marketed for gun owners with concealed carry permits. 

Like other ScotteVest jackets, the OTG features the company's Personal Area Network system, which puts wire paths between the pockets. Using these paths, you can keep an external battery in one pocket and charge a device in another. You can also run a headphone wire through the pockets and up to the collar.

The OTG is made from is available in blue or black for men and black or plum for women. It is made from quilted nylon material which is both warm and water resistant. Unlike many other ScotteVest jackets, the sleeves are not removable. 

Consumers can order a men's or women's OTG directly from starting today. We look forward to testing one in the future to see just how it feels to walk around with one or two laptops in our pockets. 

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