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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Tablet

Just when we thought Samsung would take a break from its tablet-creating spree, the company announced plans to bring a new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus slate to U.S. shores. Available in stores on November 13th, the $399.99 device will also function as a slick universal remote for the living room.

Running Android Honeycomb, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is small, weighs a mere 12 ounces, is just a trim 0.39-inches thick,  and features a 7-inch display. There's no word yet if the slate will use an LCD screen or an AMOLED, but Samsung's Touchwiz UI should be installed. The interface offers a clean look, the ability to snap screenshots, plus what Samsung calls Live Panel widgets that boast dynamic animations and information to match their size on the home screen. 

A neat trick the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus can do is control home theater equipment thanks to a special  partnership with Peel. The tablet boasts an onboard IR blaster plus Peel software designed to intelligently command TVs, receivers, and cable boxes around activities such as watching TV. Peel can even list favorite shows and fire up the necessary equipment to view them.

Samsung expects the 16GB Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to hit retail and online stores on November 13th and will begin taking pre-orders of the slate on October 23rd.