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Samsung Unveils 4-inch Galaxy S III Mini: A Direct Challenge to iPhone 5

The makers of Android smartphones tend to fall into the "bigger is better" camp, but Samsung's shrinking things down in its ongoing war with Apple for the hearts, minds and dollars of consumers worldwide. On October 11th -- tomorrow -- the company plans to launch the Galaxy S III "Mini," a 4-inch version of its flagship Android handset. Here's the kicker: it's only launching in Germany -- at least for now.

"There's a lot of demand for a 4-inch screen device in Europe," Samsung Mobile head J.K. Shin told reporters at a press conference in Korea. "Some call it an entry-level device, but we call it 'mini.'"

The Galaxy S III mini name itself is a swipe at Apple on a couple of different levels. The Cupertino company's long-rumored iPad mini is reportedly launching later this month, and it's somewhat amusing that Samsung's "mini" is the same size as the normal iPhone5 screen -- which itself gained a half-inch in size compared to the iPhone 4S.

Samsung may be cutting nearly an inch from the Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch display, but that doesn't mean they're trimming off features along with the fat; Shin says the Mini will contain just as many bells and whistles as the full-sized version.

Via The Verge and iNews24