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Samsung to Launch Galaxy S II In U.S. On August 29th

Galaxy S II fans in America take heart, your long, patient vigil may soon be over. Samsung distributed an intriguing press event invite that hints a U.S. version of the hot global smartphone could be announced on Monday August 29th. If so, it will be welcome news to many who yearn for the handset's state-side arrival.

Fueling the speculation is the number two spelled out in a large roman numeral at the bottom of the invite, which, to us, means one thing---it's showtime for the Galaxy S II in the States. Samsung plans to hold the press event in New York and hell hounds couldn't bar us from attending. We loved the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II handset, which came equipped with dual-core processing, a luscious Super AMOLED screen, and breathtakingly slim construction.

The unsubsidized device's only barrier to winning a LAPTOP Editors' Choice Award was its steep $799 sticker price. The debut of a U.S. model subsidized by one or multiple cellular carriers will likely drop the cost to $199, the typical price of a high-end smartphone.  Stay tuned as we learn more.