Samsung and Barnes & Noble Unveil New Nook Tablet With Upgrade Discount

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Today (August 17) Barnes & Noble, in conjunction with Samsung, announced the Galaxy Tab A Nook, the latest collaborative release from the two companies. The 7-inch Android tablet is available for sale now on and costs $139.99. Existing Nook customers can get the slate for $99.99 after trading in their old devices.

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The 9.9 ounce tablet is essentially a rebranded version of the $119.99 Galaxy Tab A (7-inch) tablet, but it also offers tight integration with Barnes and Noble's Nook software. That means that, in addition to the standard Android software, you get strong parental controls and other B&N perks.

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Galaxy Tab A Nook owners also get free data storage on Barnes and Noble's cloud service, and free access to e-books when you're visiting a Barnes and Noble store. The Tab A Nook offers access to B&N Readouts, which offers curated content and serialized chapters of books, but that feature is also found in the Nook Reading app, which is free on iOS and Android.

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It also offers free help setup and troubleshooting at any Barnes & Noble location, where you can also get book recommendations and tips and tricks for using your Nook. And the silent thanks of the staff for helping keep that specific Barnes & Noble operational.

Spec for spec, though, the current 7-inch Galaxy Tab A slate and its Nook counterpart offer practically identical internals. Both offer the same 1280 x 800-pixel display, claim to provide 11 hours of battery life on a single charge and come with 8GB of storage. If you own a Nook and need a new one, it makes sense to take the discount and stay in the ecosystem, but other users don't have as much reason to check this one out.


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