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Samsung Announces Two Mid-Range Galaxy Phones: Star and Pocket Neo

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, it's easy to forget other members of the ever-growing family of Galaxy products. Samsung has just announced two new smartphones, the Galaxy Star and the Galaxy Pocket Neo, which will feature Samsung's Android experience on lower-priced devices.

The Galaxy Star is the more powerful of the two, with a 1-GHz processor, and the Galaxy Pocket Neo will have an 850-MHz processor. Both of these devices will include 4GB of internal storage and run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Unsurprisingly, the Android experience will be overlaid with Samsung's Touchwiz interface, which includes greater home screen customization and a variety of Samsung apps. Both devices also offer dual SIM support as well as a Quick Panel widget for switching between SIM Cards directly from the home screen.

There's no word yet about pricing and availability for the Galaxy Star or the Galaxy Pocket Neo, but there's a good chance neither will make it to U.S. markets. Neither handset has 4G LTE support and, like Nokia's mid-range Lumia 720, both will most likely launch in Europe and other emerging markets.

Via Samsung Tomorrow