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Metal Galaxy S5 Prime to Challenge iPhone 6 (Report)

Samsung's Galaxy S5 is already a top seller, but we're hearing rumors that the company is working on an enhanced version of the device. The latest tidbit to hit the Web says that the so-called Galaxy S5 Prime will make its debut in June and sport a 2560 x 1440 QHD display and metal chassis. 

If the S5 Prime is real, as AsiaToday claims, it would be a significant upgrade over the standard S5, which comes wrapped in a plastic body and sports a 1080p screen. The Prime is also said to come with an octa-core Exynos processor; the current S5 features a quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU.

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In our Galaxy S5 review we noted that its display was one of the best we've seen on any smartphone. Similarly, its performance was stronger than many leading devices. However, we were slightly disappointed by the phone's ho-hum design.

Heading up to Samsung's release of the Galaxy S5, we heard rumors that the company was working on multiple versions of the handset, including one that roughly matches specs for the the S5 Prime. That device was said to include a metal, semi-rugged design; QHD display and 64-bit Exynos processor.

Samsung is known for releasing multiple variations of its flagship smartphones, but the company has never debuted a version that thoroughly surpasses its base model in terms of specs. What's more, while the prospect of a QHD display sounds exciting, there are currently no apps in the Google Play store that can take advantage of such a high resolution.

The most compelling aspect of the rumored S5 Prime is the metal design. A more premium look and feel could cause those who have been leaning towards the HTC One M8 to look towards Samsung instead.

via AsiaToday