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Samsung Galaxy S4 Gets Wireless Charging Pad and Cover

Samsung has gone ahead and brought its very own wireless charging solution to U.S.-based Galaxy S4 users. Like nearly all wireless charging options, Samsung's Qi-based, wire-free charging system comes in two parts: a wireless charging pad ($49.99) and a wireless charging cover ($39.99) that replaces the standard backing of the device. Both products are available on the phone maker's website.

Set up appears to be simple enough. Just plug in your Samsung Wireless Charging Pad to a standard outlet. Then, after replacing the back cover on your Galaxy S4 with the Wireless Charging Cover, place the phone on the pad to begin charging. A green LED light on the pad lets you know that your phone is charging correctly, while a yellow one indicates you're doing it wrong (i.e. the device is incorrectly aligned). 

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What's odd is that Samsung has opted to sell each half of this wireless charging system separately, with no bundle available. While that makes sense for Galaxy S4 users that already have Qi-based wireless charging systems, like the WiQiQi, this puts a $90 barrier to entry in front of newbies to the wonderful world of wireless charging. The WiQiQi bundle for the Galaxy S4 is priced almost identically, meaning this was Samsung's opportunity to offer an even slightly more affordable solution.