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Samsung May Boost Galaxy S4 Storage Space Following Investigation

You may have been a little peeved to learn that your brand new Galaxy S4 doesn’t have as much storage space as you thought, but that could change soon. Earlier this month the BBC’s Watchdog probed Samsung’s new flagship to reveal that the 16GB model only has about 8GB of usable storage. However, the Korea-based manufacturer hinted that it may try to free up some of that space.

“We appreciate this issue being raised and we will improve our communications,” a Samsung spokesperson said to CNET UK. “Also, we are reviewing the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimization.”

This comment comes after the company previously suggested that customers should purchase a microSD card for additional storage, citing the phone’s “more powerful features” and 1080p display as the reasons why the 16GB version has about half of its advertised memory.

“Samsung is committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs as part of the innovation process,” Samsung also said to the website.

There’s no word on how Samsung plans to cram these features into less space, but those who want the Galaxy design without the flashy TouchWiz interface can opt for the Nexus version of the S4, which launches in the US on June 26.