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Samsung Galaxy S III to Offer VPN and MDM Integration

Samsung wants its new Galaxy S III, which is set to hit store shelves later this month, to be the go to Android phone for not only consumers, but business professionals, as well. To that end, the Samsung has announced that the S III will be the company's first Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) phone available in the U.S.

The SAFE designation means that the Galaxy S III will feature support for 338 different IT policies out of the box. Enterprise enhancements include on-device AES-256 bit encryption and advanced support for Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync. Samsung says the Galaxy S III will also include support for leading virtual private network (VPN) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

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To ensure that the Galaxy S III is compatible with enterprise networks, VPN and MDM providers use Samsung's software development kit to integrate their services into the Galaxy S III. Samsung then works with the VPN and MDM providers to test the Galaxy S III, making sure it is compatible with the VPN and MDM providers' software.

What does this all mean for the consumer? Essentially, it means that Samsung is actively trying to get a foothold in the enterprise market, by ensuring that their device works with the latest enterprise-level productivity and security offerings. With that kind of compatibility, users will be able to employ their personal Galaxy S III's as their work devices.

The Galaxy S III will be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and U.S. Cellular by early July.