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Samsung Galaxy Round with Curved Display May Debut This Week

Samsung has already confirmed that it plans to launch a curved display smartphone this month -- which could be the first of its kind, if it beats LG to the punch. Now, reports from Korea suggest that the smartphone will be called the Galaxy Round, a rather fitting title given its purported curved touch screen.

Little else is known about the handset, but the report suggests the Galaxy Round will sport specs similar to that of the Galaxy Note 3. This loosely aligns with a rumor from last week that suggested Samsung’s curved display device would be a limited edition version of Samsung’s newest phablet.  If the rumors hold up, Samsung’s Galaxy Round would be the first commercially available smartphone to utilize plastic instead of glass substrate in its display. This means that the panel would be more durable and cheaper to produce than the screen found on your typical smartphone, as PhoneArena reports.

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Samsung has lead the bendable display front with its series of YOUM flexible AMOLED touch screens, which were initially showed off at CES 2012. LG, however, is encroaching on Samsung’s territory  rather quickly with its own plans to launch a curved display smartphone soon. Dubbed the G Flex, Samsung’s Korea-based rival is said to launch its curved display device around the same time period, and a new report suggests it’s already in mass production.

LG has made some noticeable efforts to step out of Samsung’s shadow within the past year, especially with its G2 handset. The newest LG flagship comes with its power and volume keys mounted on the back and a feature known as KnockON, which lets you activate the display by tapping on it twice. Whether or not these additions are actually beneficial to the user remain questionable, but they do serve to separate LG. If either of these phones come to market in the near future, we’ll be interested in seeing how Samsung and LG’s take will differ.