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New Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi Drops SIM Support, Adds Apps

Samsung doesn't just make smartphones with great cameras, the company also has the its Android-based Galaxy camera, which is now available in a Wi-Fi only version.  The Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi, which runs a version of Android 4.1 Jellybean, has some new features compared to last year's 4G-enabled device, including new preloaded imaging apps.

The new Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi has a 21x optical zoom, a 16 MP sensor and a 4.8-inch touchscreen display, just like the previous model. But users now have access to a range of preloaded Android apps for photo and video sharing, rather than just the Photo Wizard and Video Wizard apps. There's now a Smart Content Manager for photo organization and the Paper Artist app for turning pictures into stylized sketch-drawings or watercolor paintings. 

Samsung has also recognized that constant connectivity, as was offered through the SIM slot on the previous version of this device, is unnecessary. Ron Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing for Digital Imaging at Samsung Electronics America said that the new camera is "focusing on features that simplify the user experience."

"The GALAXY Camera Wi-Fi offers an intuitive approach to feature-rich photography," he continued, "Without the need to be constantly connected.”

The Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi costs 449.99 and will be available from Samsung and through various retailers later this month. While most consumers are satisfied with the camera that's included with their smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Camera targets users wanting photo quality somewhere between casual point-and-shoot cameras and expensive digital SLRs.