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Can Samsung Finally Outsexy Apple with This Phone?

Samsung's smartphones are often considered less handsome than iPhones because of all the plastic involved. But an upcoming Galaxy device could change that. Multiple leaks and reports have surfaced about a possible metal handset that could rival the iPhone's premium aesthetic, and the latest rumor points to the potential Galaxy Alpha launching Aug. 13. 

According to SamMobile's sources, the Galaxy Alpha will feature a 4.8-inch, 720p display and will carry a fingerprint scanner, just as the Galaxy S5 does. Pictures obtained by the site show the Alpha will have a dimpled backside that's similar to the S5's. 

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One of the most common complaints about Samsung Galaxy flagships are their cheap, plastic builds. However, the company improved its design recently by adding a faux-leather texture to a slew of its offerings, including the Note 3 phablet, the ATIV Book 9 laptop and the Note Pro tablet.

While the specs aren't the most impressive in a market flush with 1080p displays, SamMobile's source says the Galaxy Alpha will be a somewhat high-end device to be positioned between the S5 and S5 mini. Other details on the rumored Alpha are sparse. 

The new metallic construction could give Samsung a real chance at making shoppers think twice about Apple. Of course, other Android device makers have made handsome metal smartphones, such as HTC's One M8. LG's G3 sports a pleasing metallic finish on its back, but it's mostly plastic.

Samsung is expected to unveil its next-generation Note phablet in September, as a follow-up to the popular Note 3. We're hoping that sequel will feature a metal body as well.