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Rumor: Apple to Ship Ultra-Thin 15-Inch MacBook Air in March

MacBook Airs are all about a light weight portability, so how does a a 15-inch model jive with that formula?

DigiTimes reports that suppliers have begun shipping components for an ultra-thin 15-inch Apple notebook. It's unclear whether this laptop will be a new MacBook Air or a slimmer MacBook Pro—and no specs pinpointing the machine's weight and dimensions have been released—but it looks like we'll see it hitting stores in March. According to DigiTimes' "sources from the upstream supply chain":

Estimated by the product planning, mass shipments of the notebook device will start in March and could be cataloged in either the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro line. Apple currently has three screen sizes for the MacBook Pro - 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch and 17-inch.

While Apple does not yet carry a 15-inch MacBook Pro (15.6 inches being a slightly different form factor), the upcoming super-thin notebook is said to have the MacBook Air's shape. But optical drives usually come standard on 15-inchers, so it's unclear whether the company can maintain the Air's famous 0.8-inch thickness while adding the extra hardware. In any case, it's safe to say that the heat isn't letting up for Apple's Ultrabook competitors (such as Acer, which will release a 15-inch model in Q2 of 2012).

via DigiTimes