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Pricing and Availability for Galaxy S4 Accessories Allegedly Leak Online

Earlier this month Samsung showcased a slew of new mobile accessories that will debut alongside its Galaxy S4, but the company has yet to reveal details about pricing or availability. However, Samsung news blog Sam Mobile claims to have received a tip revealing the tentative launch schedule and prices for this lineup, which includes everything from new flip covers to a full body scale.

 According to the site, Samsung’s S Band will sell for $129.99 and the S View Cover will be priced at $69.99. The launch dates for these products are far less specific; Sam Mobile reports that the S View Cover will be released during “Week 14,” but doesn’t specify any further details.

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The Wireless Charging Pad will allegedly launch during “Week 17” for $49.99, while the Flip Cover will reportedly sell for $34.99 in “Week 14” at the same time the Protective Cover will release for $19.99. During "Week 15" the Galaxy S4 Pouch is expected to cost $59.99 and the Headset will go for $29.99. The Extra Battery Kit is also listed as $29.99 on Sam Mobile’s website and is reportedly set for a “Week 15” launch, along with the HRM Belt ($79.99) and the Body Scale ($129.99). 

The Game Pad, rumored to be coming in July, is the only accessory listed next to a precise month. Sam Mobile does, however, report that these items will launch over the course of April, May and July.

Sam Mobile has a mixed track record when it comes to reporting on Samsung product launches, but the website did leak a screen protector for the Galaxy S3 before the phone was officially revealed last May. 

via Sam Mobile