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How to Play a Slideshow in Apple Photos

Sharing photos online is fun but when you have some friends over, you can also put on a slideshow presentation of your favorite images from concerts, vacations and other events in your life. Apple Photos gives you a series of fun slideshow designs and lets you put songs from your iTunes account in the background.

You may see a slideshow Play button around Apple Photos in the Photos view, but we suggest starting in Albums view because you won't be constricted to a single import event. Here's how to play a slideshow from Apple Photos:

1. Select Albums.

2. Select an album. 

3. Select images and click the Play button. To select multiple images, hold Command while clicking. 

4. Select a slideshow theme and click Music.

5. Select a song and click Play Slideshow. Use the search button and field to find the right backing track.

Pop some popcorn and call up some friends; you're playing a slideshow in Apple Photos.