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New Update Brings Standout Galaxy Note II Features to Galaxy S III

Nearly six months after its launch, the Galaxy S III is still the crown jewel in the Android arsenal and one of the most desirable handsets around. Samsung's done a great job of supporting the phone post-release; the company already released a Jelly Bean update for the device, and today, Samsung announced a "Premium Suite" update that brings a bevy of handy-dandy new features to the phone.

Samsung's cribbing an awesome feature from the Galaxy Note II phablet for the S III's Premium Suite in the form of Multi Window, which allows you to open two apps onscreen simultaneously. It's a standout feature for the Note, and it's coming to the Galaxy S III.

Many of the scheduled improvements make your phone work smarter so that you don't have to work as hard. Page Buddy -- another Galaxy Note II crossover -- automatically performs certain actions depending on your actions; in the example given by Samsung, the phone opens a home screen with a music player widget when you plug in your headphones. A Contextual Menu feature rejiggers app listings to show your most frequently used apps first, while a Contextual Tag feature smartly tags your pictures with the weather, date and location. (Eccentric on-the-lam antivirus moguls may want to disable this function.)

The update also brings the ability to read your Facebook feed from the lock screen, as well as improvements to the web browser and NFC sharing. You can watch the new features in action in the video below, but U.S. owners shouldn't expect to find the Premium Suite in their virtual stockings this holiday season; Samsung warns that update availability is in the hands of the individual carriers, and the U.S. carriers are notoriously slow at pushing out new software.