Barnes and Noble To Release New Nooks for Holidays

While Barnes and Noble announced plans to axe production of its Nook color tablets in June, it appears the bookseller is ready to give its slates a second chance. According to a recent press release, the bookseller will be bringing its once-popular Nook collection back from the dead, with at least one new device slated for later this year. 

This sudden stance switch is likely linked to the departure of former Barnes and Nobile CEO William Lynch in July, who was still leading the company when it decided to cut down the Nook. According to Barnes and Noble President and Nook Media CEO Michael P. Huseby, the continuation of the Nook will help drive overall sales over the coming months.

"We are working on innovative ways to sell content to our existing customers and are exploring new markets we can serve successfully," said Huseby in a statement. 

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Huseby announced that Barnes and Noble will continue to produce both black and white and color Nook devices, including the Nook Simple Touch, Nook HD, and Nook HD+. The company plans to release at least one new Nook in time for the holidays, and stated that "further products are in development."

This news comes in the wake of some significant price drops on Nook products. The $199 Nook HD and $269 Nook HD+ were recently reduced to $129 and $149 respectively, and yesterday the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight went down from $119 to $99.

With wallet-friendly Nook prices and a still-unannounced new device on the way, Barnes and Noble could see significant sales this holiday season. However, with a new line of Amazon's popular Kindle Fire line on the way around the same time, the Nook certainly has some tough competition as it re-enters the tablet market. 

Michael Andronico
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