Barnes & Noble Takes on Fire Tablet with $50 Nook

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Amazon's bargain tablet will have some competition this holiday season. Barnes and Noble is fighting it dollar-for-dollar with its $50 Nook — the same price as the Fire Tablet. It will release on Black Friday.

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The Nook is a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 tablet running Android Marshmallow. It has access to the Google Play Store for apps (unlike the Fire Tablet, which uses Amazon's storefront) as well as the Nook Store with 4.5 million books. It starts at 8GB of storage with the option for a 128GB microSD card, a 2MP front camera and 5MP rear-facing shooter.

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Amazon's Fire Tablet is almost identical in terms of specs, though it comes in more colors and has a lesser camera; its rear shooter is just 2MP. You can also buy the Fire Tablet in a six pack — there doesn't appear to be any sort of bulk deal for the Nook.

Additionally, the Nook will incorporate a feature called B&N Readouts, which offers a "daily selection of addictive quick reads" that Barnes & Noble says is like browsing a bookstore.

 You can pre-order the 7-inch Nook tablet here.


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