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LoJack Coming to Galaxy S4 This Summer, Thieves Not Pleased

Baked inside every Samsung Galaxy S4 is something that can locate your phone if it's lost or stolen and also help put that thief behindbars. We're talking about Absolute Software's LoJack for mobile devices, which will start at $29.99 per year when the service launches early this summer.

As we learned here at CTIA 2013, there's no app that you need to download. Absolute's persistence technology is embedded right in the firmware of the S4, which enables the company's experienced Investigations and Recovery Team track down your device--and the perpetrator. 

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 Similar to competing solutions like Lookout Mobile Security, Lojack for mobile users can locate their devices, as well as lock them remotely or zap sensitive files. But LoJack goes a step further by working with local law enforcement to get your S4 back in your hands. Absolute Software has a stellar track record with LoJack for Laptops, working with all the major brands, but this is new territory for the company.

LoJack stands out in another way. Because the technology is in firmware and not an app, thieves couldn't delete LoJack for Mobile if they wanted to. That's part of the reason why the company stands behind a $1,000 guarantee. Just beware that rooting your S4 could void that promise.