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LG’s Flexible Phone Heals Itself After Knife Scratches

The LG G Flex may be one of the first smartphones to come with a curved display, but that’s not its only atypical feature. LG has been touting the device for its “self healing” capabilities since it unveiled the phone in October, but now one YouTuber has put LG’s tech to the test.

Marques Brownlee stress tested the LG G Flex under real world scenarios to see how the device holds up. The first trial involved scuffing the back of the handset with a set of keys to simulate what could happen if the phone juggles around in your pocket or purse. As shown in the footage, the G Flex’s scratches were severely minimized and barely visible after 2 minutes.

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It didn’t quite live up to the magic that LG flaunted in its promotional videos, but Brownlee points out that LG’s testing was performed under the company’s ideal conditions. Still, the technology worked well enough to make scratches much less noticeable than they would be after dropping your phone on the concrete or accidentally scouring it in your bag.

The final test involved taking a clean scratch across the device with a knife just under the LTE A logo. After a few hours the scratch “half healed” itself, making it much less visible to the naked eye than it would be on a regular phone. Warming up the device helps speed up this healing process, as Brownlee acknowledges.

The G Flex may not sport the Wolverine-like superpowers LG showcases in its own video, but it can certainly take more abuse than your typical smartphone. LG unveiled its curvy handset at the end of October. The handset features a flexible, 6-inch OLED, 720p display and is powered by a speedy 2.26-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip. It rivals the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which also sports a rounded display but is curved along the opposite axis. The G Flex is currently available in Korea and is rumored to hit the U.S. in the near future.