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LG Tablet, Smartwatch,and Firefox OS Devices Coming Soon, Exec Says

LG just announced its flagship G2 handset earlier this month, but the company appears to have some ambitious plans for the future of its gadget lineup. The Korea-based electronics maker allegedly has a tablet, a 6-inch phablet, a smartwatch and a Firefox OS device in its pipeline.

LG’s mobile head of communications in Bulgaria, Dimitar Valev, reportedly shared these plans with Bulgarian news source Meanwhile, an LG slate hit the FCC on Tuesday, providing a near confirmation that the company will soon give the tablet space another shot. Rumored specs for the purported tablet include an 8.3-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, as Phone Arena reports.

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There’s little detail concerning the other products mentioned by Valev, but this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard of an LG-branded smartwatch. At the end of July LG filed a trademark for the terms G Watch and G Band in South Korea, furthering rumors that the company is working on a wearable gadget. This followed a report from the Korea Times in March that said LG was working on such a device.

Interestingly enough, The Korea Times said that LG’s smart watch would either run Android or Mozilla’s Firefox OS—which vaguely lines up with Valev’s recent words about a Firefox-based gadget. LG joins the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google and Samsung as one of the many tech companies rumored to jump on the smartwatch trend in the near future.

Samsung is expected to launch its alleged Galaxy Gear smartwatch as early as next month just ahead of IFA. Meanwhile, the most convincing evidence of wearable tech coming from these other companies comes in the form of patents, such as Apple’s filing for a ‘wearable accessory device.’