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LG Debuts Ultra PC and Tab-Book 2 Hybrid Ahead of CES

LG has spilled the beans on two new devices that will make an appearance at next week's CES 2014: the Tab-Book 2 and LG Ultra PC. The Tab-Book 2 is a sequel to LG's first Windows 8 laptop-tablet sliding hybrid, while the Ultra PC is one of the lightest and thinnest Ultrabooks on earth.

The Tab-Book 2 is a refresh of the original Tab-Book that LG unveiled at CES 2013. Like its predecessor, the device features a keyboard that slides out from underneath the 11.6-inch slate portion of the body. The Tab-Book 2 will run an Intel fourth-generation Core i5 processor and sports a full HD IPS display.

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LG will be showing two versions of the Tab-Book 2: a flagship edition with the model number 11T740 and another with the label 11T540, which LG refers to as its “little sister.” The higher end version measures 0.6 inches thin and weighs 2.3 pounds, while the 11T540 model is slightly lighter and slimmer at 0.5-inches and  2.05 pounds. Both models are sleeker than the original Tab-Book, which was 0.7-inches thick and weighed 2.7 pounds.

The Ultra PC is powered by an Intel Core i5 fourth-generation processor, sporting a 13.3-inch Full HD IPS display and solid state drives in 128GB and 256GB storage capacities. The device weighs a mere 2.16 pounds and is just .53 inches at its thickest point, compared to 2.96 pounds and .68 inches for the MacBook Air.

The Ultra PC will also come with Reader Mode, which allows the user to alter the background of any on-screen image to resemble paper. According to LG, this reduces eye-strain while consuming less power. 

We look forward to bringing you our hands-on impressions next week.

via LG Newsroom