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LG Smartphone Prototype Rumored to Be New Optimus G or Nexus 5

LG’s flagship Optimus G Pro just hit the U.S. smartphone market last week, but the Korea-based electronics maker seems to have another device up its sleeve. This weekend a purportedly leaked prototype of an unreleased LG smartphone hit the Web, sparking speculation that this could be the Nexus 5 or LG Optimus 2.

The photo comes from Twitter account @evleaks, which has a knack for posting allegedly leaked smartphone images without identifying its source. The image depicts an LG device with longer screen, no front-facing buttons and a slightly altered speaker grille. Its design language resembles the Optimus G family more so than the Nexus line.

Although a recent report from The Korea Times suggests that LG will manufacture the next Nexus phone, this purportedly leaked prototype probably isn’t the Nexus 5. The pictured handset shares little in common with the current generation Nexus 4 and features LG’s logo underneath the display. This wouldn’t make much sense for the Nexus 5 considering Nexus is Google’s line of flagship smartphones, not LG’s.

The device in question looks much more like the Optimus G Pro and Optimus G, although there’s no way to know if this image is in fact legitimate. We’re likely to hear more about what’s in store for Google’s new Nexus phone this June at its I/O developers conference.

via @evleaks