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LG: Samsung's Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking Tech Infringes on Patents

The battle between Samsung and LG is heating up. The smartphone makers, which are both set to launch their newest halo phones in the coming months, appear to be headed to a trademark dispute over their respective eye-tracking technologies, the Yonhap News agency reports. Specifically, LG is accusing Samsung of infringing on patents with the new Smart Pause feature found on the upcoming Galaxy S4

LG says the feature, which automatically pauses a video when a user looks away from the screen, is too similar to its own Smart Video function found on the the handset maker's Optimus G Pro. The handset maker goes on to claim that it originally applied for a patent for the technology back in 2009. 

But it's not just the Galaxy S4's Smart Pause feature that LG is questioning. The company also says it previously applied for patents for eye-tracking technologies that keep a smartphone's display from timing out as long as a user is looking at it, which is exactly what the Smart Stay feature does on the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4.

This isn't the first time LG and Samsung have locked horns over patent infringement issues. The two companies previously had a go at it over their display technologies. That issue, however, has since been resolved. 

LG has been making waves in the past few weeks leading up to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S4, going as far as to post a billboard parodying the S4's logo to promote the Optimus G Pro in New York's Times Square.  

via: Yonhap News Agency