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LG Reportedly Working on Its Own Smart Watch

If all of the rumors are to be believed, the next major trend in mobile tech is the coming of the smart watch. We've already heard rumblings that tech giants like Samsung, Apple and Google are working on their own devices, and today that list has grown with the addition of LG.

According to The Korea Times, LG Electronics is actively developing a smart watch that will run on either Android or Mozilla's Firefox OS. The Times also made mention of a possible LG-made Google Glass competitor, though there was no further information on that device available.

None of the aforementioned companies have introduced a smart watch to market yet, which means the current battle is to see which company can introduce its product first. Samsung has already confirmed that it is working on a smart watch and screens of its alleged interface hit the web some time ago. The Google smart watch is reportedly being developed as a Motorola Mobility product that will serve as a companion device for Android smartphones.

Apple, meanwhile, will reportedly bring its so called "iWatch" to market later this year. That watch is expected to run Apple's iOS software and could include a flexible display.

It will be interesting to see if the smart watch market will take off or if the devices will go the way of calculator watches. With the hype already reaching a fever pitch, though, it seems as though the watches could be a hit. 

via: The Korea Times