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LG PZ850 Pentouch TV Integrates Digitizers, 3D

In addition to tablets, tablets, and more tablets, TVs loaded with extra features have a strong presence at IFA. Glasses-free 3D sets are rolling out from many of the major manufacturers, but--perhaps thanks to high-profile products such as the Samsung Galaxy Note--pen input for is also a noticeable trend. Take LG's PZ850 Pentouch plasma TV, for instance: The $2,199 set lets users draw on the screen via a digitizer, and there's also 3D capability and 2D-to-3D conversion. For those who don't need 3D, there's a less-expensive version selling for $1,699 and a 50-inch model for $1,099.

Once your computer is connected to the 60-inch monitor via HDMI, you can draw, scribble, and write memos on the display via the two included digitizers. LG includes a generous amount of programs optimized to work with stylus input: Gallery, Family Diary, Photo Editor, Sketchbook, and--of course--the Internet. There's also one-click printing, assuming you have a printer configured and connected.

Doodling on the 60-inch PZ850's monitor with Sketchbook is obviously a cute feature (see our best attempt at a flower below), but we found using the digitizers in a browser to be the most fun. We scrolled through Europe in Google Maps and added memos on top of web pages. Our gallery below has some more hands-on images.