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LG Nexus Phone Photos Leaked, Sports Bedazzled Backside

An Samsung tablet isn't the only Nexus device rumored to be heading our way sometime soon. Earlier this week, rumors about a new Nexus phone manufactured by LG started swirling around the web, based around the design of the company's flagship Optimus G. A picture is worth a thousand whispered rumors, of course, and now several leaked images purport to show the rumored LG Nexus in action.

A tipster sent Android Central the photos above, which are compelling for a couple of reasons. The home screen shows that the smartphone runs on the stock Android 4.1.2 build, as a new Nexus device should. Then again, any phone can run stock Android if it's rooted. More intriguing are the build and model numbers found in the device information screen; they list the phone's name as "Mako," which jives with the fish-based naming scheme Google uses during internal testing of Nexus devices.

Android Central isn't the only website running purported leaked photos of the LG Nexus. The photos below come from, and they show a slightly different, more Samsung Galaxy Nexus-style curving of the frame mixed with LG's glittery back side, which the phone in the Android Central pictures are missing. Are we looking at two different possible designs for the LG Nexus or is one set of images a fake? Intriguingly, the images also show a snapshot of the device information and that phone is also listed as "Mako."

CNET claims that the LG Nexus is indeed a reality and should be announced by the end of the month with a quad-core Snapdragon processor, a 1280 x 768 IPS display (presumably at 4.7-inches), and 2GB of RAM. All-in-all, it sounds an awful lot like the Optimus G hardware-wise, though the 8-megapixel shooter doesn't stack up to the Optimus G's 13MP camera and the Nexus device is reported to lack a micro-SD slot.

Via Android Central and UberGizmo