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Flexible OLED LG Smartphone Reportedly Coming This Year

The race for the flexible smartphone is officially on. According to SlashGear, LG's vice president of mobile, Yoon Bu-hyun comfirmed the company will be launching a flexible OLED smartphone, sometime in Q4. The confirmation places LG in direct competition with Samsung who has also been hinting at a flexible device.

Similarly, late last year, Apple obtained a patent for a bendable glass. Apple’s process describes a way to move the glass mold in-process in order to dynamically change the shape of the glass without cracking or weakening the material. 

Before you get your wallets ready for the LG option, there's a few caveats. There's no word on exactly how bendable the new device will actually be. It's widely speculated that the display will be a wraparound display similar to a Samsung concept. LG has struggled with getting its OLED televisions to market, so it's likely the company will hit the same hiccups for mobile.  If the device does manage to launch this year, expect the new smartphone design to be in short supply with a high price tag.

Via SlashGear