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Leaked Samsung App Wants to Track Everything You Do

Samsung calls the Galaxy S4 your “life companion,” but it could take that idea one step further with its next smartphone release. Newly leaked screenshots from an unnamed Samsung phone showcase an app that creates a virtual diary based on your activity.

The app, which is said to be called Life Times, collects information from other apps and services on your phone including call logs, messages, photos and social networks. It then presents your recent activity in one centralized location, which Samsung appears to be touting as a digital diary. With the tagline “Every time is your episodes,” it’s clear Samsung is attempting to build on the suite of personalized apps it introduced with the Galaxy S4.

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Judging by the leaked screenshots, which were exclusively obtained by Sam Mobile, users will be able to choose which services integrate with Life Times. The app is likely to be compatible with Foursquare, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn since they’re listed in the interface, but we’ll have to wait to hear from Samsung to know for sure.

The Samsung news blog also claims the screenshots were taken on a phone with the model number SM-G900H, which is rumored to be a variant of the Galaxy S5. The website couldn’t confirm that the screens were taken from Samsung’s next flagship, however.

Life Times sounds suspiciously similar to Sony’s LifeLog app, which was unveiled at CES 2014. Sony’s virtual assistant does exactly as its name implies- it obtains data from your phone to create a timeline of your day that you can playback in chronological order. This means that if you snapped a photo on your way to work, it’ll show up on your timeline for that day. Sony’s offering is meant to work with its SmartBand fitness tracker as well, which is expected to cost around $135 when it launches.

The leak also suggests Samsung is making a bigger push to create its own app ecosystem and decrease its reliance on Google. Samsung is expected to make some fairly significant announcements regarding its work with Tizen at next month’s Mobile World Congress, further hinting that a Samsung-branded OS could be in the works.