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How to Use Power Nap in OS X Mountain Lion

Ever wake your computer from sleep and walk away to get a couple of coffee to wait out the time that it takes for everything to sync up and load? Now you won't have to with Mountain Lion's new Power Nap feature.  You'll be able to get right to work even faster than before because Power Nap will keep everything iCloud related synced up-- including mail, calendar, contacts, reminders, notes, etc.  

What You Need: MacBook Air (mid 2011, 2012) or MacBook Pro (Retina, mid 2012, Mountain Lion), Mac OSX Mountain Lion and the latest SMC Update.

We like that Find My Mac will stay enabled while your Mac is in sleep mode, which increases the chances of finding your laptop if it's lost or stolen. Plus, Time Machine will back up your computer hourly while your notebook is asleep.  Your software updates will run once per day.  

You'll want to plug you Mac in to get the best results. Power Nap will stop working when it senses that your battery level is 30 percent or below as a safety measure.

Power Nap is turned on by default when your computer is plugged in and you have a computer that is Power Nap ready, and it is turned off by default when your computer is being powered by the battery. You can change these settings in System Preferences > Energy Saver.

To enable Power Nap when running on battery, click the Battery tab, then select the checkbox for Enable Power Nap while on battery power.