How to Use the Macintosh Quick Look Feature

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Using Quick Look

The Macintosh operating system has a handy feature you can use to preview files and documents before you open them. It's called “Quick Look” and was introduced into the operating system in Leopard (10.5) in 2007 as a convenient way to evaluate files before you open them.

1. Open a Finder window to the directory where your file is.

Open Finder

2. Click once on the file you want to preview so that it is highlighted in the Finder window, and then hit the spacebar or Cmd-y.

Select a file to view

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3. Hit space again to close the quick look window.

Space to view

4. Highlight a file and click the space bar to get a preview in an “Open File...” dialog.

Use in open dialogs

5. Highlight multiple files and hit the spacebar to preview them. Navigate between them with the right and left arrow keys.

highlight multiple

6. Tap the up and down arrow keys to navigate between all the files in a folder

arrow keys to navigate

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