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Google to Battle Apple with Own Retail Stores (Report)

Google's war with Apple could soon spill over into malls throughout America. According to 9 to 5 Google the company wants to get its Nexus Android products, Chromebooks and especially its upcoming Project Glass into as many hands as possible this holiday season, starting with flagship stores in major metro areas.

As Google gears up to release the rumored X Phone and a new wave of Nexus products, having a physical shopping presence could go a long way towards educating consumers on the benefits of a pure Google experience. The stores could also help Google wrest some control of its own ecosystem away from Samsung, which dominates the Android market.

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Google shops could also aid the search giant build on its momentum for Chromebooks. Samsung, Acer, HP and Lenovo have all adopted the platform, and Google is rumored to have its own Chromebook Pixel on the way, complete with a Retina-like touch screen and possibly access to Android apps.

Perhaps the most critical product for Google from a you-have-try-it-before-you-buy perspective is Project Glass. We can easily envision stores being jammed with people who want to be among the first to don Google's augmented reality headwear.

Just as with Microsoft's retail effort, Google could have a tough time trying to go toe-to-toe with Apple in retail when the company has been doing it so well for so long. But it's not as if Google is a complete virgin. The company currently operates mini Chrome stores within hundreds of Best Buy locations. What remains to be seen is whether Google can compete on a much larger scale.

via 9 to 5 Google