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Google Smart Watch Said to Face Off Against Apple, Samsung

Just in case you're not convinced yet that 2013 is the year of the smart watch, a new report says that Google is developing one of its own to compete against Samsung's confirmed device and Apple's rumored iWatch. According to the Financial Times, Google's Motorola Mobility unit is working on a wearable connected companion for Android smartphones. 

Although the report doesn't provide many other details, it makes sense that Motorola would be working on a smart watch given its history with the MotoACTV. That watch, released in late 2011, worked as a fitness tracker and music player. 

Google's watch could reach wrists as soon as this summer, according to Android and Me. Sources tell that site that the device will feature tight integration with the rumored X Phone from Motorola and Google, which could hit Verizon Wireless (and perhaps other carriers) as soon as May.

If the reports are true, Google will have a formidable one-two wearable tech punch this year in its watch and Google Glass, which will be released by the end of the year. We hope to bring you more details from his year's Google's I/O Conference, which starts May 15th.