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Galaxy S5 Active Appears In Leaked Video

Just like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be getting a ruggedized counterpart. A leaked video from TK Tech News showcases a purported Galaxy S5 Active, which preserves most of the flagship phone's key features within a stronger casing.

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Like the S4 Active before it, the alleged S5 Active in the video sports physical navigation buttons and a thicker exterior than the standard S5. This tougher S5 retains the flagship's heart rate monitor, and according to the video's narrator, has a screen that's even sharper than the S5's 1080p display. The pictured model sports an all-black body with a removable back panel.

Last year's Galaxy S4 Active garnered 4 out of 5 stars in our review, thanks to its durable design, underwater photo features and improved outdoor viewability. However, considering that Samsung ported this same level of water resistance to the standard Galaxy S5, an S5 Active would have to be even more rugged to make an impact. 

Samsung hasn't made any official announcements regarding an S5 Active, but considering that the S4 Active launched in Summer 2013, we wouldn't be surprised to see it's successor arrive this summer.