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Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android to Sell Unlocked for $649

If you're dying to get Samsung's Galaxy S4 but don't want to part with Google's stock version of Android, you're in luck.  At it's I/O developer's conference, Google announced that a version of the flagship S4 with stock Android will launch on June 26th for $649. 

According to Google, the stock Android S4 will come with 16GB of storage space, an unlocked bootloader, and will run on T-Mobile and AT&T's LTE networks.  Google was sure to mention that this edition of the S4 will  "receive system updates promptly," hopefully meaning that  Google's line of Nexus devices won't be the only ones getting the newest versions of Android upon launch.  

Typically, Samsung's  line of Galaxy devices come with a version of Android layered with its TouchWiz user interface, which tweaks the OS' aesthetics and adds some of Samsung's own self-branded features.

Earlier today reported that a stock Android version of the S4 was on track to be unveiled at I/O, and it looks like those rumors proved correct.