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Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Lacks 'Something Special,' Says Exec

Samsung's Galaxy Gear saw a huge amount of press when it debuted last month, but at least one company executive believes the smartwatch is somewhat lacking. In an interview with The Korea Times, a Samsung executive said that the $299 gear, "lacks something special."

The comment comes just ahead of the Gear's scheduled Oct. 2 U.S. release. The smartwatch is the first in what is expected to be a wave of wrist-worn devices offered by top electronics manufacturers. Other companies rumored to be working on smartwatches include Apple, Google, LG and Microsoft. Sony has already released three smartwatches, including its newest Smartwatch 2.

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In the interview, Samsung's Lee Don-joo said the Gear is a "wholly new and must-have accessory," but went on to state that the company will invest more in the Gear's user interface and experience to improve overall customer satisfaction.

During our hands-on with the Galaxy Gear, we found its interface intuitive and quick to respond to our inputs. That said, its camera function seemed superfluous and did little more than make the watch feel bulky. Samsung says the Gear will launch with more than 70 apps, with others in the works.

The Galaxy Gear will be available Oct. 2 for $399, a price that could limit widespread adoption of the watch. Further limiting the device's audience is the fact that the watch will only be compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition at launch.

Additional Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S4, will be made compatible with the Gear via an update to Android 4.3. The company says the device will support all of its Galaxy products, but that still limits the Gear's overall reach. Sony's Smartwatch 2 is designed to work with all Android devices.

 via The Korea Times