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G Styled: Acer Aspire S3, Faux Fashion Lives Here

Man oh man, I witnessed such a design failure this week. It's so bad I'm ashamed to even talk about it. But the Acer Aspire S3 committed some fashion No Nos, so I feel compelled to inform you before you go out and buy this laptop.

First off, Acer tried to go cheap with this laptop. The top is covered by a beautiful brushed metal finish, but they ruin the effect by not springing for real brushed metal. Come on Acer, brushed metal on the top, but brushed metal look-alike plastic on the inside and underbelly? Very lame Acer, very lame.

I will give this notebook points for being uber-thin (0.51-0.6 inches thick) and somewhat lightweight (3 pounds), but too much was sacrificed to achieve this thinness. Acer didn't just skimp on the looks, the company compromised the inside specs as well (sporting a 320GB, 5,400-rpm hard drive as opposed to the SSD found in the similar looking Apple MacBook Air). I can understand wanting to create an ultraportable that looks as good as Apple's machine, but the Macbook Air is sexy all over and Apple doesn't skimp on the details. You can learn a thing from them, Acer.

On the flip side, one thing I liked about the Aspire S3 was the keyboard. While the rest of the LAPTOP staff didn't like it, I didn't find it too bad. I even like the placement of the power button. I will say the brushed metal on top was a good start, but Acer got lazy or cheap and didn't go all the way.

Acer Aspire S3 G Style Rating: Fashion Fail