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Digipuppets Bring Finger Puppets to Your Touchscreen

Finger puppets have been providing imaginative youngsters with simple fun for ages, and the classic toy is ready to hop into the digital age with Digipuppets. The child-centric startup is launching its first set of touchscreen-compatible finger puppets this May for $7.99 a piece, with each character packing its own unique set of playable content. We went fingers-on with Digipuppets at Toy Fair 2014, and enjoyed the accessory's basic yet novel concept.

Digipuppets are as simple as they sound. You stick one of the colorful characters on your finger, and use it with your device's touchscreen as you would a stylus. We played with Zip the Zebra, using his character-exclusive "Learning Adventure" iOS app that has you guiding the animal through a field by answering basic math questions. Of course, you don't need a finger puppet to play quiz games on a tablet or smartphone, but we liked the simple synergy between the physical toy and what was happening on-screen.

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Zip and the blue-furred Honey Bunny were the only Digipuppets on display at Toy Fair, but the two wearable critters will launch alongside Barry Bear, Marty the Moose, Kristy Kitty, Lucky Puppy, and Princess Patty when the full line launches in May. Each character will have its own themed games and apps, a concept we've seen used in hit video game/toy hybrids like "Disney Infinity" and "Skylanders."

The Digipuppets apps on display were on iOS only, but the accessories are designed for everyday use on any touchscreen. You can download the "Honey Bunny Learns to Share" eBook for iPad and Mac right now to get a taste of what type of content Digipuppets will offer.

With plenty of kids already glued to tablets, Digipuppets' inexpensive toys could certainly find a niche among little ones who want to use real toys alongside their tech. We look forward to getting more of the company's creations on our hands later this year.