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Chromebook Extending Its Reach With Six New Countries

Google has announced that highly affordable Chromebooks (not the Chrome Pixel)  will be available, starting today, in six new  countries. Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Samsung will now be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, a move that works towards Google's goal of making the Chromebook "for everyone."

Chromebooks start at just $199, around the same price as a 7-inch tablet, but include the form factor and many features found on traditional notebooks. These low-cost laptops run Google's propitiatory operating system, ChromeOS, an operating system that relies heavily on Internet connectivity, with many features requiring a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

In addition to wider international availability of Chromebooks, Google is also pushing its education and business initiatives global. Chromebooks for Education is an initiative that aims to get Google's notebooks into schools and has included special deals for schools and educators in the past. Google also sees Chromebooks as ideal business notebooks, due to their low price and portability.

In addition to international growth, Google is expanding its Chromebook presence in the United States, announcing availability in more than 1,000 Best Buy locations across the country, effectively doubling the notebooks' national retail presence.

Google's push into the notebook market is gaining momentum, as notebook variety and availability increase. While ChromeOS may not yet be seen as a full-featured alternative to established operating systems such as OS X and Windows, Google is working hard to position itself as a viable option for users across the globe that don't need a feature filled operating system.